Coinbase Login

Coinbase Account

Coinbase Account is an online trading account for bitcoin exchange. You can buy, sell, transfer, and store your digital currency through a Coinbase account. Therefore, to gain an advantage of trading, one must sign up in Coinbase Login. Hence, opening an account in ‘Coinbase account’ and signing up in ‘Coinbase login’ will give you access to its various features for your bitcoin exchange. It also provides its users the ‘Cryptocurrency Wallet Services,’ i.e., Coinbase Wallet, which means it stores your digital currency free of cost. It enables you to trade in Bitcoins, Etherems, Solana, and Cardano. Hence, their mission is to create an open financial system globally and be the leading brand worldwide to help people connect with digital currency.

Moreover, it has created a safe space for users to trade their cryptocurrencies confidentiality. Although, it is a beginner-friendly cryptocurrency online exchange platform.

How can you access the Coinbase Account?

You must follow the instructions before creating a Coinbase Account before using its services. Therefore, you can follow these steps:

  • First, open your web browser.
  • After that, open google and search for Coinbase website viz. “”
  • Furthermore, after opening the official website, click on “GET STARTED.”
  • The “get started” icon will show a pop-up to your screen, i.e., Coinbase login, where you now have to write down your credentials.
  • The credentials to create the account are your “Name and last name,” ‘username and password.”
  • Hence, then click on their terms and policies.
  • In addition, your account will activate immediately.
  • Further, you must sign in to Coinbase login, to activate your Coinbase Account.


Hence, you have to follow these steps chronologically to activate your account.

However, your Coinbase account is protected by insurance and supports various digital currencies. Furthermore, if you fail to access your account, you must reset your account below.

How to reset your Password?

  • First, go to your web browser and search for Coinbase’s official website, viz. “”
  • Hence, you will find a ‘Sign In’ icon on the top right corner of your screen on the web page. 
  • Therefore, you have to click on the sign-in icon to reset your password and sign up in Coinbase Login.
  • So, you will find a “forget my password” icon right below the ‘sign in’ box. Then, you have to click on “forget my password” and then select “Reset my Password,” where you have to write your email credentials.
  • Furthermore, Coinbase will then send you an OTP to your email address.
  • Thus, to reset your password in Coinbase Login, click on the email sent by Coinbase and type your provided OTP in the mentioned box.
  • After that, you can enter your new password and click on the confirmation button. 
  • Hence, your Coinbase Account will be set up with a new password to sign up in Coinbase Wallet with this procedure.